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September 18, 2009

Ok, so it’s been one day and I’m already trying to bend the rules.  Well, less bend and more break.  The first week of my 5-7 is going to begin next Monday.  This way I’ll have a concrete measurement, and more importantly, a laptop with a good recording setup.  There’s only so much you can write about a song without posting it.

So, I suppose you won’t hear from me (said to the void) for another week or so.

Tidbit of the Entry: Thao Nguyen is releasing a new album with The Get Down Stay Down who, besides having the meanest band name of all time, are incredible musicians.  As sharp as she sings, it still soothes me like a lick of ice cream.  Look into it.  My first love was Bag of Hammers (the first song in the NPR video… even better solo acoustic).


Well, let’s see if this works…

September 16, 2009

My name is Frank and I enjoy writing and playing music.  I dream of one day being in a successful arena rock band and using my songwriting abilities to slightly increase my chances of getting a girlfriend.  However, I am, at this current stage, only an OK songwriter and my product is very hit or miss.  If I’m going to get better, what am I going to have to do?  Write a crap-ton of songs, right?

So here’s my big battle plan:  Over the next 5-7 weeks I’m going to force myself to write one album’s worth of songs. I’m leaving the time frame open because I do have other things I have to do during the day, like stooping.  So, I’ll be keeping track of my progress here, as well as posting videos or recordings of the songs and anything else I deem worthy. So sit back, relax and let’s get started!

First we’re going to have to set out some ground rules.  I have to have  a rubric with which to measure my progress, so we’ll pick some numbers:

First, An album has anywhere between 10 and 20  songs (on average), and my mother taught me to always budget for more than you think you’ll need.  So, in order to get the maximum number of songs done in the smallest window I’ll need to complete 4 songs each week.

Second, the songs must each be at least a minute long.  I do have a love  for short little songs, but I won’t allow myself to pass a cool guitar riff off as a whole song.

Third, and this is mostly just to keep myself directed, I have to have the song recorded and posted here in some fashion within one week of it’s initial creation or the song doesn’t count! Otherwise I might let a lot of the songs sit for too long.

Well, that should be about it for now, and of course all rules are subject to change without notification.  Once I get my laptop in the mail, I’ll record some of my first ditties that are already in the works.

Tidbit of the entry:

I was dragged kicking and screaming to the Mill last night before the crazy, crazy tuesday Dance Party took off and I was wowed (during a free show of all places) by a clever band from the quad cities named Daredevil Christopher Wright.  Truly talented folks.