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And Now the Music Begins

November 10, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, as I said in a text message to my good friend and fellow Der Dey Goer, my musical break is officially over. I’ve completed all the worst and most time consuming school work now, and the rest of the semester will leave me some time to do tunage!

I’ve got a song in the works that steals quite a bit from an Pomplamoose song, who’ve exploded on the interwebs music scene.  I really love the vocal stylings, and between the Pomplamoose chick and Thao Nguyen I’m going to be inadvertantly influenced to writing some differently styled vocal melodies.  Ok, well I’m going to help the “inadvertant” part along and make it a little more… advertant. So as it goes, this weekend I wrote a song with some nice little airtap bits in it about Atheism.  I finally got it to where I could start recording it and lo and behold the first take took!

Finally, some announcements that I promised a few posts ago:

First, I’m in what is currently a two piece (which may expand) called Der Dey Go.  We’ve actually got quite a few originals between the two of us, and we’re planning on doing some real recording at some point.  There may even be a full album in a few months, depending on how things progress.  As soon as I’ve got any internet goodies to show you, I will.

Second, on December 3rd at 8 o’clock, be at Public Space One.  We’ll be playing at the first ever Stoop van Patten Music Collective show.  The name may change, but the concept should start repeating once a month or so (skipping january because of the lack of students/I might be living in a dilapidated house in Cedar Rapids doing carpentry).

The basic rule for booking is no solo acts.  You must be local musicians that have either never worked together, or that are in a very recent group together… no veteran bands.  The whole point is to increase the collaboration in Iowa City to the point that we actually create a music-collective! In the end, it may just be a cool place to play music once a month, but it could be something very righteous.


And now, before you play this new song of mine, a note:  just like with “Paul’s Letter” I didn’t want to get too blatant or forceful on what a song might mean, but again… to hell with it.  This is not an anti-religion song, but it’s meant to give a bit of passion and love to “the other side.”  Atheism is seen by many, many people as a heartless and cold opinion, but it’s not.

For the song itself, the lyrics are the product of throwing out about 95% of the things I wrote, but I’m still not quite happy with all the lines.  It gets more difficult when you want to “say something.”  Also, as this is a very new song I don’t know exactly how I’m going to sing it.  A few of the lines worked, but sometimes I end up sounding like I’m forcing it.

So, drumroll….

The Atheist Hymn

A man and his son on the edge of the world
Digging their hands in the sea
The son pulled his net to the boat and he groaned
Is this how it always must be?
There’s never enough to eat

He cursed the oceans and he cursed the gods
He swore the gods cursed him back
The man gave a chuckle and opened his net
Fish flopped to death on the deck

The man told his son as they gutted their catch
Scream not of lucifer’s fall
Scream at the gods and their fury and games
You’re screaming at nothing at all

What of the agony here on the earth?
Who do we look to for help?
We must be passionate fearless and wise
There’s nowhere to look but ourselves

And Oh, the sky did crack
And Oh, those two roared back

Some say I’m crazy and some say I’m blind
But son, we agree on the truth
The things we must do are not for anyone
But they’re still the things we must do

So keep your eyes open and head screwed on straight
Look at the world and be meek
You’ll be more righteous than anyone’s gods
Chosen ones, prophets or priests

“Haha!  That went way better than I thought it would.”  Youtube cut me off again.

Tidbit of the Entry: Do monkeys like bongo music? I was shown Manu Chao by the folks over at the FranCalebGabeCalebLarry abode, and after 2 seconds was texting myself to download some of his tunage.  A lot of his songs are very classical spanish folks songs, but here and there he does hip-hop, pop, and all other manner of things.  Plus, he speaks many languages and there are fabled songs sung in Arabic, which I’ve yet to find.  Anywho, here’s the king of Bongo Bong:

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  1. kyle permalink
    November 11, 2009 4:48 am

    hah! my first tenant! well, after caleb, fran, and the local crackheads i guess.

    i like the husky in your voice.

    and i hope this was inspired by some extent by our coca-cola’d up conversation.

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