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November 3, 2009

Ok, after another justified hiatus, I bring you another song!  It’s oh so pretentiously called “Paul’s First Letter to the Americans.”  I was going to try to veil it’s meaning, but what the hell… everyone knows I’m a hippie so I might as well go for it, right?

In any case, Aaron and I played the Anomy House Halloween party this weekend, and it went smashingly well.  Now, tonight I have an open mic at the Mill, tomorrow I play at Piano Lounge (my first honest-to-god paid musical performance), and the next day I expect I’ll be down at open jam at the Yacht Club!   You can see why my hiatus is justified!

Paul’s First Letter to the Americans

Take a little seat in the middle of the log by the body of the tree you killed
Protect your ears from the splitting and the screaming in the streets because dollars are the only thing that’s left that’s real

Listen real close to the stories of pain from the wrinkled old lips you know
Because the dawning of the age of water bearing sign isn’t coming til we’re all just boxes dirt and bones… with nothing on our heads but hefty stones

And nothing in your lies will change his mind
And nothing in these trials will make me cry

Gather all the rage in your gut for the people on the other side of chance’s game
For soon the things we’ve built strike back with a power of beaten bloody master’s playthings unchained

Wiggle all around in the little wiggle room that you’ve made to justify your sins
And keep that wicked little jig to yourself when we stumble into judgement for the things we thought and what we did… with nothing left to bless this floating rock but dead

And nothing explanations wont change his mind
And the coming lamentations wont make me cry

So maybe down the line when the sounds of machines squeel ugly little throes of death
And all the little flecks of gold like gifts on the ground will be given to the freezing winters that we left

The world is damned old place with a mass too big for the legend of a map
So when we send our bodies to the dirt and the rocks, oh the little green sprouts will raise unthinking heads… and all of this will come to be again

And none of your late pleading will change his mind
And thinking of your ends will make me cry

Tidbit of the Entry: We all love Regina Spektor.  We all want to be/marry her, and many have heard of Sondre Lerche.  Have you heard their duet they made for Dan in Real Life!?  Well, I don’t know if it was made for the movie specifically, but it was in it.  It’s a wonderful classic and playful jazzy number, and I’m guilty of singing it over and over when I walk around downtown.  Anyway, prepare to swoon.

P.S. Dear Youtube, stop being artsy with my videos.  You suck and I’m going to find a website to upload my things to that doesn’t twist every single video I upload in some unique and interesting way.  Sometimes they’re choppy, sometimes the audio’s out of sync and one time (and only one) you added a black border around my video.  >:C

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