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Soot will fall from passing planes…

February 8, 2010

Hey no one!

Long time no see!  I’m glad you read my blog considering how erratically I update.  In any case, I have a brand new song!  It’s less than a day old and I’m posting it now, well ahead of its older cousins.  Sue me.

Here is a song that pleads you to sit and listen to a street band and take in the warm summer street:

Street Muzak

If you lay back against these bricks
and let them bite at the back of your head
a boomin’ black, beaten drum
will press the air around your face with it’s thump

If you had plans, well you might forget
and spend some time on the beat of your chest
Kick your feet across these steps
and we’ll keep playing till they make us quit

You know we’d never regret it
we’ll be happy just to have had it

If you sit back against that tree
the bug munched leaves should stencil your cheek
falling soot from passing planes
will likely land all among your hair and your face

If you stayed for all these songs
picks and bows and strings and tones
the humid air will feel like oil
and we’ll keep playing til they make us go

You know we’d never regret it
we’ll be happy just to have had it

Don’t forget to check out my other youtube stuff, folks.  There is quite a backlog of old originals and covers of all quality levels!

Tidbit of the Entry: The Blow is a duo from good Ol’ Oregon who do some interesting folkesy electronica, which is the only way I can properly describe it. If you’ve heard of them, you probably heard at least “Parentheses,” which is good.  But I love “True Affection” more.  Video’s not official.